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Mystique Chamber
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by Anthony on Mystique Chamber
Mistress Ali - Oh My!

Although she's one of the dungeon's newest arrivals, I was completely blown away by my recent session with Mistress Ali. If this is her just a few months in, I can't even imagine how much of a femdom ninja she'll ultimately become! I could take the easy way out and just say look at her pictures - they are, if anything, an understatement of her stunning beauty and presence. But seriously (and much more importantly), she has that one thing that I don't think can ever be taught: the mindset (or attitude, if you prefer). She was fully in control of our scene and never at a loss for words or ideas from start to finish. The play flowed organically and she had my undivided attention the entire time. Moreover, she managed to be sweet, playful and yet also a complete badass at the same time. Honesty, you will not regret a session with her!

Incidentally, the dungeon itself is quite nice, too: well appointed, clean, stylish, and conveniently located.

by Slave Boy on Mystique Chamber
Sorceress Bebe is the best!!!

Let me start off by saying how lucky I am to have stumbled across Mystique Chamber & Sorceress Bebe. First the dungeon, I have only sessioned in the larger room, which has pretty much anything you can hope for. I have yet to session in the smaller rooms, however I have seen them, and they look like just as much fun and unique in their own way.

Onto Sorceress, she is simply amazing in every way. From her beauty to her mind to her torture, I can't imagine a Domme more perfect. Every time I have sessioned with her I never wanted it to end, and always wanted more.

The one downfall of the dungeon is of course driving home. Every time I leave I wish I was still in the dungeon with Sorceress Bebe serving and submitting to her every demand.

by Mike on Mystique Chamber
Mistress Courtney

First time sessioning with Mistress Courtney. She was truly stunning from head to toe. She has the most beautiful feet and I enjoyed her caning and cbt. I am happy to have met her and will highly recommend her. Do not let her shy looks deceive you, she can cause a lot of pain and suffering. A real pro !!

by Tom on Mystique Chamber
Sorceress Bebe

I found Sorceress Bebe on twitter, and contacting her and scheduling a session has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. After arriving at Mystique Chamber, Sorceress gave me a quick tour of all the rooms, and said we would be sessioning in the Purple one which is her favorite. I quickly feel to my knees, and just wanted to serve her anyway she wanted. She is absolutely stunning in every way, and I think after every single thing she said all I could muster was "Yes Sorceress." Even when it wasn't a question. I had an amazing time with her and i can't wait to return and see her again. The only bad thing is having to leave and Sorceress withdrawls kicking in during the drive home.

by Thrillsseeker on Mystique Chamber
Mistress Courtney ROCKS.

I had a wonderful session with Mistress Courtney the other night. She is absolutely stunning and even more beautiful in her pictures. We communicated before the session about interests and desires and she delivered in every way. The session was intoxicating and satisfying. The dungeon itself is beautiful and a great environment. Hats off to Melody and Kayla for creating such a wonderful space. I highly recommend mistress Courtney and will definitely see her again.

by Tom on Mystique Chamber
Mistress Kayla Ownes Me

I’ve been following Mistress Kayla on Twitter (and fantasizing about her) for months. I own and have “studied” all of her “iwantclips,” but as a Midwesterner I never before had the chance to session with her—until now! When I learned of an upcoming business meeting in LA, the first thing I did was text to schedule a session with Mistress Kayla. This is no exaggeration—she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, bar none. Gorgeous—and really nice (as I told her my interests), until the session started, when she transformed into the Bossy Bitch I so hoped she’d be. When she walked into the room to start the session and I was naked on all fours, she ordered me to crawl to her and kiss her shoes (sneakers, per my humble request). Before long I was begging to worship the soles—a privilege that she kindly granted. She then had me remove each shoe –commanding “Smell my stinky workout shoes slave—that’s a good boy.” I booked the session so that it would follow her (daily) workout—so there was a lot of “forced” smelling! She then had present myself for the type of gentle CBT I love. She used a pink shoelace to tie my c and spread my balls, then strategically applied clothes pins. She just completely controlled me, making it clear that it was her property—not mine. She then pulled out the Icy Hot (which I was crazy enough to bring). It felt so good as she applied it—ever better because I knew to would soon start to burn. Before long, I was squirming in pleasure and pain. She put her feet on my face and told me to focus on her stinky feet instead of my burning cock. Loved that! The second hour focused on sissy play—which I’ve craved since seeing her “Sissy Training 101” clip! I came ready with several outfits and she had me model them for her. She was so sweet, telling me how I’m going to make her rich sucking cock for her. She provided detailed criticism and praise (“good boy”) as I practiced on her strapon. By the end, I was begging to suck cock to make her money and willing to pay extra for doing so—and meaning it because I just wanted to do whatever I could for this beautiful Goddess. Bottom line—I need to come out to LA a lot more!

by Sam on Mystique Chamber
Mistress Kayla

Yesterday was the most exciting day of my life. I had a two hour session with the gorgeous Mistress Kayla. I have had many sessions with Dommes from everywhere. What made this special was the feeling that I was with a woman who truly was a master of her Art. You could see that this was her life and that she was not role playing. She had the most beautiful feet and legs. She had me sit on the rug by her side, and proceeded to ask me how I could be of service to her. I spent the next two hours satisfying my desires and hers. I can hardly wait until she visits Philadelphia again. Thank you Mistress.

by Mel on Mystique Chamber
Mistress Kayla

Mistress Kayla is amazing, She is incomparably and stunning beautiful. Her sessions run from sensual to severe and are frequently a mixture of both. She can be gentle and She can be deliciously intense as she turns pain into pleasure. Mistress Kayla will make you beg for mercy and show you none. I have personally experienced such pain and gratitude as her most eager and grateful slave.
If you want such servant treatment such as full toilet, Mistress Kayla will be only to happy to indulge you . She will ride you, stomp you, kick you, spit on you and humiliate you as you love her treatment and beg for more.
She is my Mistress, my Queen and my Goddess. I love her and adore her. There is nothing I would not do, or endure, for her.

by RubberCamille on Mystique Chamber
Sorceress Bebe is the best!

When i first visited Sorceress i instantly felt a connection. She is very professional and knows what she is doing. I love how friendly and open minded she was during our session. Her skills and beautiful presence will leave a lasting impression on anyone privileged enough to session with her. She will cast a spell on you giving you the urge for more. I am impressed with the dungeon itself. The room was clean, tidy and full of great toys to try out. Anyone both experienced or new to the setting will feel welcome and comfortable. I can hardly wait to return for another great session with Sorceress Bebe!

by Inked on Mystique Chamber

Aside from being an absolutely beautiful & petite; Sorceress matched her looks with a presence that literally had me trembling for the first time as a sub. Verbally, I’ve never been reduced so completely into a state of nothingness.

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Melvin @ 04/02/2019 – You won’t be dissatisfied with Mistress Kayla! She is the absolute best Dominatrix in the business. She aims to satisfy all of your fetish wants and needs.

She loves to be in control. It is best to just let her have her way. She must be obeyed! She will please you and tease you! You must submit, or else! I have enjoyed each and every session. I love just basking in her presence! I worship the ground she walks on. I am truly honored to know her. You won’t be disappointed! She is truly amazingly! XOXOXD