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Mystique Chamber
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 35 reviews
by Lennart on Mystique Chamber
Mistress Ali

Mistress Ali, is absolutely stunning and the best! I had a great session with her and I felt comfortable, thank you. If you're into it, chose her. You can thank me later.

by Joseph on Mystique Chamber
First Class Place

I did a session with Mistress Ali last week, and I have not been able to stop thinking about the experience. When she opened the door and led me into the Studio I was stunned at her beauty which is even better in person. She took me into the room we were going to session in and it was immaculately clean. She made me feel relaxed from the start, we discussed what my desires were beforehand and she delivered them in spades. I have never served such a Goddess before. And now I can’t stop thinking about returning to the Mystique Chamber.

by Thrills Seeker on Mystique Chamber
Mistresses Ali and Redd 5 star

Now that I'm fully vaccinated, I felt comfortable venturing back to play and I made a beeline for Mystique Chamber. I have now sessioned with Mistress Ali and Mistress Redd and I can honestly say they were both terrific to play with. Also a shout to Mistresses Melody and Kayla for making Mystique. such a top-notch location. Rest assured, both Mistress Ali and Redd are more beautiful in person than their pictures, and while first-time sessions can be hit or miss, both of mine were A-rated. They both took the time to understand my headspace and both ladies delivered the goods. I only hope they enjoyed my servitude as much. A great time was had by all. If you're in L.A. and want to session, Mystique Chamber is the place.

by Slut Kev on Mystique Chamber
Miss Melody is The Finest

My search for a domme is over. Head Mistress Melody will leave you begging for more. Her very presence is inconceivably beautiful, dominant, and reassuring. She is open-minded and easy to talk to. When you're around her, things simply fall into place. You'll serve and obey her every command, and derive the ultimate gratification from it.
You won't be the same after seeing this goddess! We are so FORTUNATE to have Mystique Chamber right here in the Valley!!

by Tom on Mystique Chamber
Sorceress Bebe

I found Sorceress Bebe on twitter, and contacting her and scheduling a session has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. After arriving at Mystique Chamber, Sorceress gave me a quick tour of all the rooms, and said we would be sessioning in the Purple one which is her favorite. I quickly feel to my knees, and just wanted to serve her anyway she wanted. She is absolutely stunning in every way, and I think after every single thing she said all I could muster was "Yes Sorceress." Even when it wasn't a question. I had an amazing time with her and i can't wait to return and see her again. The only bad thing is having to leave and Sorceress withdrawls kicking in during the drive home.

by Slave For Life on Mystique Chamber
Sorceress Bebe = Perfection

I finally decided to message Sorceress Bebe on twitter, and it has become the best decision of my life. I was very nervous the first time I entered the dungeon and meeting such a beautiful and powerful women, but Sorceress was able to comfort me and wash away my nerves almost immediately. For me there is nothing better than having the honor and privilege of worshiping and serving her at mystique chamber. It's as almost if the dungeon and her were made for each other. The moment she closes the door, I lose and surrender all control to her and experience pure bliss when I am at her mercy. The only downfall is leaving her and the dungeon and counting the days until I am able to return to mystique chamber and serve her again.

by Slave Bob on Mystique Chamber
Mistress Melody is Awesome

I looked a lot of places, talked to, and met many other Dominatrix's in my life, but my search is over now that I have found Mistress Melody. She put me at ease, brought out what my desires were, behind a wall of hesitation and shyness. Fun, wicked with a paddle and crop, Mistress had me over her horse showing me she was in control.
Next time, we're trying electrostim.

by Mark on Mystique Chamber

I have served as Mistress Ali's sub on many and multiple occasions and have always found her to be inventive and unpredictable in a variety and most enchanting of ways. In one and the same breath, she is playful and sadistic. She has a way of throwing me delightfully off balance while impeccably navigating the fine line between my hard limits and pushing my boundaries. She is, at a single stroke, dominating and disarming enabling her to slide beneath my skin undetected. Her beauty and physical stature establish the Mistress/Slave dynamic from the moment she opens the door with a smile and invites you into richly taboo fraught playhouse to the moment she sends you packing with your mind thoroughly restocked and reorganized in her image. Thank you, Mistress Ali! I am so grateful to you!!!

by Nicholas on Mystique Chamber
Serving as Mistress Ali's Slave

Mistress Ali is uniquely and breathtakingly gorgeous; being in her presence is almost dreamlike. She is so stunning that I sometimes find myself feeling a little intimidated by how beautiful she is and as a result get very self-conscious. But Mistress always dispels those feelings in a matter of seconds with her down-to-earth, disarming demeanor and attitude. I feel comfortable and safe in our sessions and she really goes the extra mile to make them fun and playful – to the point that it all becomes a delicious part of the build-up. My session interests lean toward the sensual side rather than BDSM, pain, humiliation. Mistress Ali exudes pure sensuality with every fiber of her being. She has a very natural aura about her that I find very generous, gentle, and giving. She is an absolute Goddess and hands down the best sessions I’ve ever had the privilege of experiencing have been with her. A session with her is an absolute feast for the senses that sends my passion and desire straight through the roof every time. I would use the word addiction, but I don’t think addiction feels this good.

by Jason on Mystique Chamber
Mistress Ali

Having searched for the perfect Mistress, and experienced the good, the bad, and the uninterested, I can say Mistress Ali is the best in the scene. Mistress is stunning and that is reason enough to see her, but what sets her apart is her intelligence and an intuitive sense about what you need and how far you can be pushed. She can switch from stern Mistress to curious and mischievous girl-next-door. As the song goes, she can kill you with a smile and wound you with her eyes. You cannot predict what she is going to do other than that you will have an amazing session with her and leave with a satisfied smile on your lips. Now that I found Mistress Ali, I belong to her and cannot imagine seeing any other mistress.

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Melvin @ 04/02/2019 – You won’t be dissatisfied with Mistress Kayla! She is the absolute best Dominatrix in the business. She aims to satisfy all of your fetish wants and needs.

She loves to be in control. It is best to just let her have her way. She must be obeyed! She will please you and tease you! You must submit, or else! I have enjoyed each and every session. I love just basking in her presence! I worship the ground she walks on. I am truly honored to know her. You won’t be disappointed! She is truly amazingly! XOXOXD