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 by Amy
Review for Ali

It took me a while to find the courage to reach out to a ProDomme. My selection criteria were someone who I was attracted to and could ultimately trust as I figured myself out. My kinky journey of self-discovery could not have been guided by a better person. Superior Ali is a beautiful, kind, funny, experienced, and caring soul who provides a service that is invaluable. She’s gentle at times but is also a force to be reckoned with. She has a commanding strength inside her that she turns on like a tap when needed. This ability to switch on a dime is one of her many unique talents. Her genuine interest and openness to kink, and the various forms of what turns each of us on, is endlessly fascinating to me. If you're open and willing, she'll take you down the rabbit hole.

Thank you, Superior Ali

PS: My personal advice for newbies is to approach with respect and honesty. Time is money, so the more efficient your communication about your desires, the quicker you both can arrive at the essence of what you’re looking for. You don’t need to fully understand what you want, and that’s ok, but it’s important to communicate openly about what does and doesn’t feel good.

 by G
Mistress Melody

I’ve always wanted to see a dominatrix but was always nervous. But I finally got up the nerve and booked a session with Mistress Melody. It was beyond worth it; Mistress made me feel comfortable before the session, then turned the dominance on, and was amazing. Definitely, be going back.

 by M
Mistress Ali

I cannot say enough about the session I had with Mistress Ali. It was my first time, and it was life-changing in many ways.
Leading up to the session, Mistress Ali displayed immense professionalism and patience in working with me through scheduling roadblocks I put in the way to make this a reality.
In the session, Mistress Ali skillfully led me through the doors of a world of kink I had long dreamed about but never thought I would experience. This is an experience I was, frankly, nervous about. The idea of trusting a stranger with my darkest, innermost thoughts - thoughts that most would find beyond the pale of perversion - frightened me.

Photographs do not do Mistress Ali's beauty justice. She is tall, with stunning long legs and a soft, sweet smile. It is a sight to behold to be underneath her, looking up and watching her control your every movement. This is where she truly shines. And yet, as much dominance and power as she wields over you at the moment, there is a distinct sweetness and innocence in her eyes and smile that makes you not only want to submit to her but also want to do anything to make her happy. Anything less would be an unbearable disappointment.

Mistress Ali took the time to understand my interests, concerns, and feelings and did an impeccable job catering to my fantasies. She was gentle but firm and knew precisely when to push forward and pull back. She made me feel completely at ease while simultaneously asserting her dominance over me.

I hope to be one day lucky enough to serve Mistress Ali again.

 by Corey
Goddess Above All Head Mistress Melody

Head Mistress Melody is the one and only #GoddessAboveAll and after a session with her and her perfection, you will be begging for more and more. My loyalty, dedication, and commitment are to Head Mistress Melody and hers only. My first session with Head Mistress Melody has changed and motivated me in ways I never thought possible. Things at the time weren’t the best for me but Head Mistress Melody changed all that. She is a true inspiration to me and to all that serve her. It has been some time since my last session serving my Goddess in person but that still hasn’t stopped me from serving and taking care of her in any way I can, I promise to always be there for my Goddess. Head Mistress Melody’s happiness is my #1 priority and she deserves only the best! Head Mistress Melody is truly the world's Best Boss Domme! Thank you #GoddessAboveAll Head Mistress Melody for everything you do.

 by Rob
Holy smokes!

So, I've been out of the scene for a few years, and it's been even longer since I've played in LA. I was just in the mood for "new-to-me" upon my return. so, I saw Mistress Ali today, and it was incredible. She picked up on my scene, and absolutely nailed it. After all this time out of the scene for me, she body-slammed me right back in (figuratively speaking).

I can't recommend Mystique enough. I suspect no matter who you see, you will not be disappointed. I'm not certain if I'll be able to resist returning this week before I leave town, and we'll see how I fare against the temptation.

 by Goddess Melody’s Slave
Amazing Goddess Melody

Mistress Melody, Is an amazing Goddess, she knows exactly how to dominate you. She is so perfect, makes you feel like you are in heaven. I wish I could serve her every day.
I really appreciate Mistress Melody so much, one of the best Mistresses I have ever met in my life.

 by Mistress Ali foot slave
Mistress Ali is the best ever

To be honest, in my entire life I have never met a mistress like Mistress Ali. Mistress knows exactly how to give you an unforgettable experience.

Every time I have a session with her I don’t want to stop and I need to see her even more and I am so addicted to her.

I really appreciate her and I am so grateful to Superior Ail.

 by G
Mistress Ali


My first step into the BDSM world was with Mistress Ali. I did my first session with her and it has been amazing. I was really scared and embarrassed and she was so good at understanding my feelings and creating the right mood and environment. Her beauty and perfection revealed a true human being. In fact, Mistress Ali made me laugh to calm me down. Then, she revealed her dominant role. I really enjoyed my decision to start this experience with her. I can't stop thinking of her and I really look forward to meeting her very soon.

Thank you.

 by Jeff
Mistress Ali

I have seen Mistress Ali many times over the past few years. I did not have experience with Dominatrix before and I was very hesitant to dip my toe into this world. But I was entranced by her beauty and I knew I would not forgive myself if I didn’t try. Even after I made the appointment, I was guarded and kept telling myself that she was simply too good to be true. I have never been as glad to be wrong as I was. Mistress Ali was divine and the session was simply perfect. And each session thereafter was just as perfect as the very first one. My only regret was not working up the courage to see her sooner.

I am already looking forward to my next visit.

 by DT
Mistress Ali

I was in California for a three-week business trip, I’ve seen mistress Ali before and I knew I wanted to see her again. During this trip, I booked three sessions, each one more amazing than the last. Mistress Ali fulfilled my desires and fantasies like she always does. She is beautiful and nice, but strict and understanding. I will always make it a point when I’m in town to see Mistress Ali.

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Melvin @ 04/02/2019 – You won’t be dissatisfied with Mistress Kayla! She is the absolute best Dominatrix in the business. She aims to satisfy all of your fetish wants and needs.

She loves to be in control. It is best to just let her have her way. She must be obeyed! She will please you and tease you! You must submit, or else! I have enjoyed each and every session. I love just basking in her presence! I worship the ground she walks on. I am truly honored to know her. You won’t be disappointed! She is truly amazingly! XOXOXD