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Mystique Chamber
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 by Goddess Melody’s Slave
Amazing Goddess Melody

Mistress Melody, Is an amazing Goddess, she knows exactly how to dominate you. She is so perfect, makes you feel like you are in heaven. I wish I could serve her every day.
I really appreciate Mistress Melody so much, one of the best Mistresses I have ever met in my life.

 by Mistress Ali foot slave
Mistress Ali is the best ever

To be honest, in my entire life I have never met a mistress like Mistress Ali. Mistress knows exactly how to give you an unforgettable experience.

Every time I have a session with her I don’t want to stop and I need to see her even more and I am so addicted to her.

I really appreciate her and I am so grateful to Superior Ail.

 by G
Mistress Ali


My first step into the BDSM world was with Mistress Ali. I did my first session with her and it has been amazing. I was really scared and embarrassed and she was so good at understanding my feelings and creating the right mood and environment. Her beauty and perfection revealed a true human being. In fact, Mistress Ali made me laugh to calm me down. Then, she revealed her dominant role. I really enjoyed my decision to start this experience with her. I can't stop thinking of her and I really look forward to meeting her very soon.

Thank you.

 by Jeff
Mistress Ali

I have seen Mistress Ali many times over the past few years. I did not have experience with Dominatrix before and I was very hesitant to dip my toe into this world. But I was entranced by her beauty and I knew I would not forgive myself if I didn’t try. Even after I made the appointment, I was guarded and kept telling myself that she was simply too good to be true. I have never been as glad to be wrong as I was. Mistress Ali was divine and the session was simply perfect. And each session thereafter was just as perfect as the very first one. My only regret was not working up the courage to see her sooner.

I am already looking forward to my next visit.

 by DT
Mistress Ali

I was in California for a three-week business trip, I’ve seen mistress Ali before and I knew I wanted to see her again. During this trip, I booked three sessions, each one more amazing than the last. Mistress Ali fulfilled my desires and fantasies like she always does. She is beautiful and nice, but strict and understanding. I will always make it a point when I’m in town to see Mistress Ali.

 by Euphoric sub of Mistress Ali

To be sure Mistress Ali is exceptional.

I described it as Mistress Ali's world but in this case its a privilege to live in it. Its a world where she can make you feel euphoria and exhaustion at the same time while she tests and pushes you to your limits. Whether that be by humiliation, degradation, or shocking pain she gets you to a perfect state physically and mentally. She is willing to explore multitudes of options to get you where you need to be and is excellent at always keeping the communication open so you feel safe no matter what your Kink. Her aftercare is just blissful. To those of you who seek the privilege of worshipping, it is a privilege. Nothing about Mistress ALi is not perfect. I'm not even a foot guy but damn Mistress ALi's are nice.

So i will end by saying Thank you Mistress Ali thank you for bringing me to a world I never knew existed.

 by Mistress Ali's Slave
Mistress Ali's Feet Are So Perfect

I can't thank Mistress Ali enough for the wonderful session I had with her last time; I really appreciate her so much. Mistress Ali has the most perfect feet I have ever seen in my life. In my last session, Mistress Ali smashed my banana with her feet and let me clean her feet and between her toes. I wish I can eat all my food off her feet. Thank you so much again, Mistress Ali

 by Corey
Head Mistress Melody

Head Mistress Melody, Head Mistress Kayla, and all the amazing goddesses at Mystique Chambers are the best and most badass of them all; nobody comes close. These superior Goddesses will have you begging for more and more. Once you start serving the best why go to the rest? Thank you Head Mistress Melody and to all the goddesses at Mystique Chambers for everything you do, you’re all truly the best!! -Corey

 by Ozzy
Amora, A True Empress

So, after a while of working up the courage to go and see a Dominatrix, I decided to take the plunge with Empress Amora and I was not disappointed. She is exquisite. Every part of her is made for worship. Submitting to her was so easy and calming. I could not recommend her more. It was a session is will never forget. I hope to go see her again soon. Until then I daydream about the short time I was blessed to be in her presence.

 by Keith
Hania: Smart, Creative, Kind and Sadistic.

Hania is smart, creative, kind, sadistic, and possessed of a sly and subtle sense of humor. Don't misunderstand the use of the word kind. There are 10,000 ways one can express kindness. All of them are beautiful. She can be sweet and sensual, but if you ask for a beating you will receive one. I left with much of my body covered in bruises and welts. The marks took over a week to fade. I changed the nature of our session minutes before it began. Don't do that. It is inconsiderate. I changed the nature of our session and Hania invented a new game on the spot. The game evolved over the course of our play as we developed chemistry between us, and was one of the most enjoyable games I have experienced.
She can be soft and sensual, but that is not what I came for. Over and over she took me to the point where I could not take any more pain, and then she kept hitting me. She took me to the point where I wasn't enjoying it, and then she kept hitting me. She took me to the point where all I wanted was for it to stop, and then she kept hitting me. That, for me, is the sweet spot. And then she dialed things back for a moment, hit me softly, or played our game until we were ready to climb the mountain. I was never in danger. Hania is a professional and I had a safeword.
It doesn't happen often, but on rare occasions, after a heavy session, I experience a sort of mild euphoria. It requires a heavy beating, chemistry, interesting roleplay, and a bit of luck. I treasure those sessions.

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Melvin @ 04/02/2019 – You won’t be dissatisfied with Mistress Kayla! She is the absolute best Dominatrix in the business. She aims to satisfy all of your fetish wants and needs.

She loves to be in control. It is best to just let her have her way. She must be obeyed! She will please you and tease you! You must submit, or else! I have enjoyed each and every session. I love just basking in her presence! I worship the ground she walks on. I am truly honored to know her. You won’t be disappointed! She is truly amazingly! XOXOXD