Lady Lila Stern

Session Application

If you have found yourself here I would assume there’s a very good reason and you most likely belong here with me, in my space…so I can take you to your subspace where you belong.

I have been enticed by BDSM and fantasy play since my youth… punishing boyfriends for my pleasure and exploring kinky desires. I am from the Boston area originally and grew up in a very open-minded home. I have always been a very creative woman with a lot of attitudes and a very dark sense of humor. I think you will especially enjoy that. I greatly enjoy fetish play and love hearing about all your fantasies. I may even indulge them if it sounds like something that will amuse me.

I love playing dress-up and Have a large collection of Lingerie…Heels…costumes and wigs. If you are lucky I will entertain your darkest desires. I adore role play; whether I am your Naughty Nursemaid, your angry Teacher who takes you over the knee. the mother you desire to tell you what is right and wrong. Maybe you are a lost little puppy who needs training…

I also Adore sissy play and feminization. I love turning men into the nasty little girls they so greatly desire to be. I have a passion for this. My heart opens up when men feel the desire to cross-dress or be women…I love being part of this transformation. Dressing you up and making you the beautiful woman you are inside thrills me. My interest has also to do with how much I love being a woman and all the things that come with it. I know you are going to love it too, all of it. I will eat your heart out. I will ruin you as you will experience feelings you have never felt before in my presence.