1. Head Mistress Kayla

    My name is Mistress Kayla, but you can address me as your highness or whatever I feel appropriate while in service to me. I take immense pleasure in watching grown men grovel at my perfect feet, and worshiping them while they’re down there. If it is perfection you wish to serve then look no further, my body is a temple at which you should be so lucky to have the opportunity to even gaze upon.
    The sweet, serene sound of my voice, delicate demeanor, and angelic face insinuates a certain innocence, but don’t be fooled… Undermine me and you will quickly fall victim to my wicked wrath.
    My style of play is versatile, ranging from sensual to absolutley sadistic. I am a true Goddess that will dominate every essence of your being, tapping into the foremost corners of your subconscious mind. I innately know what you so desperately need without a single word being exchanged. I am a master of psycological domination; although it’s your body interprets both pleasure and pain it’s your mind that I’m after. I want to get in your head and see what makes you tick so I know what makes you squirm.
    I love all forms of BDSM, role-play, CBT, tease and denial, and corpral just to name a few. I excell in my craft and love acquiring new pets that are worthy of my possession. Grant me the submission that I crave and I’ll offer you a reality that surpasses your wildest dreams.


    Armpit/Ass worship
    Body Worship
    Chastity Training
    Corporal Punishment
    Crossdressing/Sissy Play/Feminization
    Discipline sessions
    Double Domme Sessions
    Electro Play and Medical Play
    Face slapping
    Food play/Sploshing
    Foot/Boot/Shoe/Heel Worship
    Full Toilet Training role-play

    Hot Wax
    Leg worship
    Male slave
    Nurturing sessions
    Objectification/Human furniture
    Roleplay (Open to all scenarios)
    Scent/Sweat Play/Worship
    Sensual Play
    Strapon Worship
    Tease and Denial